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SIMHE Guidance for Immigrants

Study and career guidance for immigrants in Finland

Counseling services for immigrants in Finland eligible for higher education or searching for a job of their expertise. These Supporting Immigrants in Higher Education in Finland (SIMHE) Services are free and open for all.

SIMHE services provide support for skills identification, advice regarding studies and career guidance. With our help you can improve your chances of applying to a university or qualifying for working in your field of expertise. The aim is to speed up your integration and possibilities to find a job that matches your skills. We provide services in Finnish and English.

You can contact us if you;

  • have completed a secondary education
  • are studying at a university
  • have already completed a university degree

We will guide you through the application process to our university or any other Finnish higher education institution. We can also help you to identify and recognize the skills you already have.

Kaksi naista keskustelee

Personal guidance

In a personal guidance session, you will meet a SIMHE adviser with whom you can discuss about your skills and set up your goals. The discussion is confidential and free of charge. You will discuss about your previous education, language skills and job experience, and your aspirations for studying or working in Finland. The guidance will help you plan which higher education option is right for you: supplementary or degree studies. All higher education institutions have their own policies and the SIMHE adviser will be able to inform you about these.

Contact us!

We can help you to find a job, a summer job or a trainee position in your field of expertise.

Send an email

The study and career counselor is Kukka-Maaria Huhta-KoivistoBook a guidance here.

SIMHE pop-ups in Vaasa and Seinäjoki

Come and meet us! In the pop-up service we can give you general information about our services, our language courses and job-seeking in Finland. If you are looking for longer personal guidance sessions, please book a separate appointment with us.

SIMHE pop-ups in Vaasa

You can come and meet SIMHE representatives at Vaasa Welcome Office during our pop-up hours. The pop-up service is taking a summer break and the schedule for autumn 2024 will be announced later.

Address: Welcome Office, Teräksenkuja 1 (Tammipiha) Pitkäkatu 30, 65100 Vaasa.

SIMHE pop-ups in Seinäjoki

You can come and meet SIMHE representatives at Seinäjoki MONI-info during the following hours:

  • 22 August 2024 at 14:00-16:00
  • 26 September 2024 at 14:00-16:00
  • 24 October 2024 at 14:00-16:00
  • 21 November 2024 at 14:00-16:00

Address: MONI-info, Vapaudentie 83, 60100 Seinäjoki (2nd floor).

SIMHE Services

Sanna Valkosalo

Sanna Valkosalo

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Kukka-Maaria Huhta-Koivisto

Kukka-Maaria Huhta-Koivisto

University Services, Continuous Learning
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