FITech - A Minor in Energy Technology

A University of Vaasa minor subject in energy technology centred on marine engines is available as FITech studies

The University of Vaasa offered as FITech studies a minor subject in energy technology with an emphasis on marine and power plant engine. The FITech-Turku project (2017-2022) has ended. MOOC course Introduction to engine laboratory research will continue. It's available on FITech MOOC platform both for University of Vaasa students and external students and people from working life. 

Doing the minor in energy technology (20 ECTS), you will learn about marine and power plant engines and energy production, fuels, and exhaust and flue gas treatment. Present and future prospects in energy technology is a seminar course to gain scientific knowledge on topical issues in future energy systems. We are experts in energy technology and have specifically designed this minor subject to meet the needs of the shipbuilding industry in the Turku region.

University of Vaasa students can complete the 25 ECTS minor by taking an additional course. Choose either ENER3060 Modelling and Simulation of the Internal Combustion Engines or ENER3130 Modeling and Simulation of Energy Systems.

Studying energy technology

Energy technology is very practical, so you will know why you are doing sums! Lectures and assignments are online, so you can study on your terms when other studies or work allows. Traditional exams are held in Turku and Vaasa. Thanks to the innovative research together with businesses in the industry, you will get the latest knowledge on the development of energy technology. We are experts in energy-efficient marine engines.

Our combustion engine laboratory has the only marine main engine in research use at a Finnish university. Equally unique is the close cooperation between our combustion engine laboratory and fuel laboratory at Vaasa Energy Business Innovation Centre VEBIC in Palosaari, Vaasa.

You can try what it is like to study energy technology and get familiar with the VEBIC laboratory by studying MOOC course Introduction to engine laboratory research. The course is available on FITech MOOCs and you can start it without any applications.

More information about the course and practicalities (how to get the official ECTS) on the MOOC platform and on the implementation in Peppi, and

For companies

Course projects and theses

Does your business have a research problem related to energy technology? We can cooperate by doing course projects and theses. Let us hear from you!

Person in charge of cooperation:
Maciej Mikulski

Professor tel. 029 449 8591

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