Decent work and economic growth

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The University of Vaasa conducts research in numerous disciplines, including management and economics, on employment and economic growth. Understanding how to create working conditions and practices that respect human rights and promote the well-being of all employees is aided by research and instruction. Research and education also contribute to economic development that takes environmental and social concerns into account. Research, including the InnoLab research platform, contributes to an understanding of how to foster innovation and productivity growth.

UN's Sustainable Development Goals

Humanity faces significant challenges because of its own actions. The UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development addresses these challenges with a lofty objective: to place global development on a path to ensure human well-being and human rights, economic prosperity, and social stability in an environmentally sustainable manner. These are the challenges that the University of Vaasa is also addressing. Click on the icons below to see examples of our sustainability work.