Powered by Blockchain

The world needs more skilled blockchain experts and that is why the Powered by blockchain project is very topical and important. The project consortium will develop six new training modules concentrating in blockchain.

The project is a joint operational model including a network, a platform and a set of learning contents.

For whom the education is offered:

1. stage: For students: Vaihtoehtoinen/Sivuainekoulutus.

2. stage: For employed or un-employed – not students.

3. stage: education for industry needs (energy sector)

4. Event: 1 Blockchain seminar in Vaasa, energy and clean tech sector.  www.univaasa.fi/fi/sites/blockchain

Project name: Tehoa lohkoketjuista, Powered by Blockchain

Project time: 01.05.2020 – 31.04.2022

Funder: European Social Fund (ESR)

Received external funding: 204 000Eur

Project budget: 950 000 Eur (total), UniVaasa part 255 000Eur.

Own funding: 50 000Eur

Contact persons at University of Vaasa: Teemu Närvä, Levón institute and Heidi Kuusniemi Digital Economy research platform

Project partners:

1.     Oulu University (project leader)

prof. Petri Pulli, university lector Pasi Karppinen, prof. Veikko Seppänen, researcher Petri Ahokangas, director Eva Raudasoja, education planner Laura Pihtsalmi

2.     University of Vaasa

Digital Economy director prof. Heidi Kuusniemi, Levón institute education leader Teemu Närvä.

3.     University of Lapland

prof. Janne Kaisto

4.     Kajaani UAS

Project leader Taneli Rantaharju, rector Matti Sarén

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