Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

Open University studies can be completed alongside work. Most of the studies are online, some of them might have online lectures. Lectures are in the evenings and some courses also on Saturdays. In general, traditional paper exams are held on Saturdays. Moodle-exams are being held directly in the Moodle course platform. The teacher will specify more detailed exam information on Moodle course platforms accordingly.

In general, no substitutions are granted to Open University studies. All the decisions regarding replacement of studies are made after you have been accepted as a degree student. 

Students can include also courses from other universities into their degree. However, all the decisions are made after a student has been accepted as a degree student. After you have been accepted, you can ask more from your study counsellor.

With the Open University studies, you can complement the studies in your previous degree. In the master's application, the higher education studies (university of applied sciences and university studies), their scope and grades are taken into account in the applied field of study. You can find more information on each master's program's own website.

The study advisors at the Open University Student Services will help you plan your studies.

The enrolment key for Moodle course platform will be sent to all participants with the course message via e-mail about 1-2 days before the beginning of the course. The course message contains also instructions for registering on the course platform. NB! If you haven't received the enrolment key by the start date of the course, first check your e-mails spam filter. You can also contact the student services at the Open Univeristy.

You can find the course schedule in -webpage's course description. Link to the course description can be found on our website's course selection.

You can request an official, signed and stamped transcript or study certificate of your open university studies/records by a specific webropol -form. 

You can download by yourself, as well, an official, electronically verified transcript of your records from Student’s desktop of the Peppi educational administration system if you have an active study right.

Exam results are announced within 30 working days after the exam date or the end of the exam period. If a course is assessed by other coursework, for example, written assignments, grades are announced within 30 days of the deadline.

Grades are displayed on Peppi -educational administration system within 14 days of the grade has been announced. Students can see their own grades at theStudent’s desktop of the Peppi educational administration system

The university encourages exploring the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and large language models for teaching and learning. The Open University of the University of Vaasa also follows the principles defined by the university for utilizing artificial intelligence to support learning.

When students enroll to Open Univeristy courses, they need to be identified via -identification service. The strong identification is done with Finnish online banking codes or a mobile certificate. If you don't have them, please contact the Open University student services, avoinyo(at) or 029 449 8004.

Voit tarkastella omia ilmoittautumisiasi sekä ladata kuitin maksamistasi opinto-/palvelumaksusta ilmoittautumispalvelu Eduplanissa. Löydät tarkemmat ohjeet kuitin lataamiseen sivulta "Ilmoittautuminen, maksaminen ja opintojen aloittaminen".

You can find more information on our website's Instructions for Using the IT Systems.  You can also contact our Student Services, our personnel will help you with any questions you might have regarding studying at the Open University.