Rumy Narayan


Johtamisen yksikkö, Strateginen johtaminen
Wolffintie 34, 65200 Vaasa
Tervahovi D303

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I study transitions to sustainable energy systems. My research interests fall within a framework of innovation possibilities that could potentially address pressing global challenges of our time, while stimulating societal and economic prosperity. This entails activating innovations across sectors, actors, and disciplines, while enabling experimentations, a complex process that needs appropriate tools for coordinating and managing diverse networks.

Within this context, blockchain gains relevance for my research as it could be understood as an institutional and social technology for managing and coordinating disparate networks of actors.

Links to my publications:

Narayan, R. (2020). Leveraging Digital Intelligence for Community Well-Being. International Journal of Community Well-Being, 1-20.

Narayan, R. and Tidström, A. (2020), "Leveraging resource ecologies for sustainability transitions ? a waste management case", Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing.

Narayan, R., & Tidström, A. (2020). Tokenizing coopetition in a blockchain for a transition to circular economy. Journal of Cleaner Production, 121437.

Narayan R., Tidström A. (2019) Circular Economy Inspired Imaginaries for Sustainable Innovations. In: Bocken N., Ritala P., Albareda L., Verburg R. (eds) Innovation for Sustainability. Palgrave Studies in Sustainable Business In Association with Future Earth. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham

Rumy Narayan & Annika Tidström, 2019. "Blockchains for Accelerating Open Innovation Systems for Sustainability Transitions," World Scientific Book Chapters,in: Blockchain Economics: Implications of Distributed Ledgers Markets, Communications Networks, and Algorithmic Reality, chapter 5, pages 85-101 World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd..

Narayan, R., (2019).  Picturing Future Imaginaries for Innovations Towards Sustainability Transitions - Letter from Academia, Journal of Innovation Management,, 7(3), 10-14. ISSN 2183-0606 HANDLE: DOI:

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