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Innovation and Entrepreneurship InnoLab is a phenomenon-based, multidisciplinary open research platform of the University of Vaasa with a focus on open and user innovation, entrepreneurship, and public sector innovation and renewal. InnoLab also encourages the application of citizen science, open science, and design thinking.

The goal of InnoLab is to create innovative and unique research and to promote new ways of doing science through inclusion, creativity, reduced hierarchies, and active citizens.

InnoLab invests in dynamic cooperation with its external partners and in communication that is interesting and inviting to all types of audiences.


InnoLab activities

In addition to conducting research and facilitating research projects, InnoLab hosts events and participates in a variety of activities.

These include networking events that bring together academics across disciplines and experts from different fields (e.g. business, media and government), technical and societal hackathons and topical seminars, panel debates and workshops.

InnoLab is passionate about making research visible and values research communication in its different forms. Therefore, we support and encourage academic participation across a variety of forums, and create opportunities for academics to engage with different audiences.

Information on our upcoming events and other activities can be found on our Facebook page


Project Duration Actors
Media Pluralism Monitor 2022 - InnoLab
Digitally mediated decarbon communities in energy transition (DigiDecarbon) - InnoLab, Technology and Innovations, Marketing and Communication, Networked value systems NeVS, Strategic business development
NatuReach - Nature Reachable for all - InnoLab, Digital Economy, Marketing and Communication, Administrative Sciences
Brothers from a different mother? How businesses and public sector organizations develop leadership competencies and change processes for blockchain implementation (BizPub) - InnoLab, Technology and Innovations, Management, Marketing and Communication, Networked value systems NeVS, International business and marketing, Human resource management
A Roadmap OUT of mEdical deserts into supportive Health WorkForce initiatives and policies (ROUTE-HWF) - InnoLab, Administrative Sciences
Managing Transition Risks in Risk Bearing Value Chains (T-Risk) - InnoLab
ELVIS - Evolving innovation space, RDI policies and impact evaluation - InnoLab
The liability of civil servants - InnoLab, Administrative Sciences, Management
Business Renewal using Digital Finance and Blockchain - InnoLab, Finance and financial accounting, Accounting and Finance

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