Managing Transition Risks in Risk Bearing Value Chains (T-Risk)

The aim of the project is to advance knowledge on how transition risks are constructed and managed by firms.

We investigate how firms perform risk work at different organizational levels to identify, interpret, and manage the different transition risks. In particular, in three cohesive sub-projects, we build knowledge on how risk work is performed at the level of

  1. communicative practices,
  2. organizational routines, and
  3. co-innovation with stakeholders.

By doing so, we seek to answer the following: How do firms construct transition risks (reputational, regulatory, market, and technology) and translate them into strategic goals and practices? How are transition risks managed within the organization and across its global value chain? Through this inquiry, we add analytical depth and breadth to current knowledge.

Project duration
External funding
300 000€
External funding for the University of Vaasa
150 000€
Total budget
300 000€
Total budget for the University of Vaasa
150 000€
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