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12th Vaasa Conference on International Business gathers together 100 international business researchers from 20 countries. The main theme is “Value Creation in Internationalization”.
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Conference includes presentations from CTO of ABB Finland Heikki Uusitalo, who presents  "Technology Management in a MNC – Case ABB", professor Pervez Ghauri talks about multinationals in emerging markets, professor Klaus Meyer explains th process perspective on the growth of emerging economy multinationals and professor Antonella Zucchella describes international growth of the firm and especially the role of the niche strategy in it.

The conference programme also consist the doctoral tutorial for Ph.D. students. The tutorial is jointly organized by the University of Vaasa and the FIGSIB (Finnish Graduate School in International Business). Doctoral students present their doctoral research proposals and papers relating to their dissertation in the field of international business.

The conference chair and main organizer is professor Jorma Larimo from the University of Vaasa, Finland.

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