Jesse Heimonen

"Practical Approach to Complex Ideas and Issues"After received his Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration Jesse soon discovered that organisational development was something he really enjoyed doing. He also held the long-term ambition of gaining a Master's Degree. To combine these he decided to continue studying. The Master's Programme in Strategic Management at the University of Vaasa provided the best match for his goals. To start his studies, Jesse moved from other side of Finland to Vaasa, the sunniest city in the country.

After graduation Jesse stayed at the University of Vaasa and now works as a researcher on a project concerning the Finnish food manufacturing industry.

“Basically what I am doing is conducting research with quantitative and qualitative methods to measure and analyse strategies and innovation in high-performing companies. The job that I do and the output I produce have definitely benefitted from the numerous exercises, group work, reports, presentations and the wide range of business-related issues that I have been exposed to during my studies.”

“The strength of the programme is its practical approach to complex ideas and issues. Visiting lecturers from different companies in various industries and positions add great insight into the problem solving of strategic issues in practice.”

Jesse Heimonen
Updated 10/30/2020 - 10:14