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Project leader and coordinator: 
VTT (Johannes Hyrynen, Zou Guanrong)
Project leader at the University of Vaasa: professor Seppo Niemi 
Research Group / Research platform at the University of Vaasa: Uusiutuvat energiat / VEBIC
Project : 2018-2021
Funding from: Business Finland
External funding: Business Finland 5,6 MEUR
Total funding: 13 MEUR
Contact person at the University of Vaasa: Seppo Niemi
Research partners: VTT, Aalto yliopisto, LUT-yliopisto, Åbo Akademi
Company partners: Wärtsilä Finland Oy, NAPA Oy, Meyer Turku Oy, Dinex Ecocat Oy, Deltamarin Oy, Vahterus Oy, Protacon Technologies Oy, Parker Hannifin Oy, JTK Power Oy, 3D Studio Blomberg Ab, Jeppo Biogas Ab, Visorc Oy, Tallink Silja Oy ja NLC Ferry Ab Oy

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Project duration
External funding
5 600 000€
Total budget
13 000 000€
Units and groups
Project actors at the University of Vaasa
Renewable energy
Technology and Innovations
Organisation coordinating the project
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