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The research, development and cooperation projects of the University of Vaasa that have received external funding. You can search for projects by name or by different actors such as university research groups and research platforms.

Project Duration Actors
DigiBiogasHubs – Flexible and scalable biogas business through digitally connected biogas Hubs - VEBIC, Management, Strategic business development
DAZE - Data Analytics for Zero Emission Marine - VEBIC, Digital Economy, Technology and Innovations, Renewable energy
KvarkenData - InnoLab, Digital Economy, VEBIC
NextGen - SC-Research, Technology and Innovations, VEBIC
Green Battery - VEBIC
AENEAS - innovAtive ENErgy storage systems onboArd vesselS - VEBIC, Technology and Innovations
Hydrogen economy in the food system - VEBIC, Management
ProLight - Progressive lighthouse districts serving as green district Gate towards Leadership in Sustainability - Renewable energy, VEBIC
CASEMATE - Computationally Aided Systems Engineering for Marine Advanced Technology for The Environment - Technology and Innovations, Renewable energy, VEBIC
DiTArtIS - Network of Excellence in Digital Technologies and AI Solutions for Electromechanical and Power Systems Applications - Technology and Innovations, Smart electric systems, Renewable energy, VEBIC