Green Battery

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The project is focusing on building up the prototype of a green battery. It will be divided into sub-WPs, focusing on the anode, cathode, electrolyte and binder development. The key idea behind the project is to establish a battery prototype with green (or greener) components without compromising the battery cell performance. We will use (waste) biomass to replace fossil elements or toxic compounds in batteries. 

During the cellassembling specific focus is paid for the sustainability of battery cell lines, in order to fulfill the criteria of green transition in the EU level. In the project an integrated evaluation of the technological performance and economic feasibility of a biobattery to identify the most important underlying parameters for its technical and economic feasibility and compare it with the traditional Li-ion battery. The project will also assess environmental performance of biobatteries by applying life cycle assessment (LCA). LCA is an analytical tool under ISO 14040 and 14044 used to calculate environmental performance of product or service throughout its life cycle.

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