REDISET - Resilient Digital Sustainable Energy Transition

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The REDISET project aims to look at descriptions of future energy systems and expected threat scenarios related to these.

Future energy systems are expected to be highly dependent on transnational trade and interdependency on energy sources. Energy infrastructure will include regional and local energy sources to a much higher extent than today as the energy value chain is extended to include smart home prosumers with electrical cars and household appliances that are online and connected to the power grid. As complexity of the power system increases and the digitalisation of the energy system is progressing, the frequency of unexpected events will increase at the same time as the inertia in the system is shrinking, making it more sensitive to such disruptions with less time to act. This makes the energy system vulnerable for the future expected increase of cyber and physical attacks. Security of energy infrastructure and resilience is therefore crucial for the functionality of our societies.

REDISET will develop system designs and resilience criteria for different types of critical events in collaboration with involved need owners, ie. Transmission System Operators, Distribution System Operators and prosumers. Designs and criteria will be simulated and tested based on realistic scenarios covering; human errors, disruptions due to climate extremes, unexpected outages in both production, consumption and transmission or new forms of digital crime/sabotage. We include energy behaviour into evaluation of the simulations. This project will investigate digital energy security and resilience from a socio-technical multi-level perspective to understand how future technologies are best adopted into society and critical infrastructure, whilst allowing continuous evolvement to adapt to a fast-paced technological development (AI, IoT, quantum technologies). The technological and societal vulnerabilities that fall under the SDG goals (social, environmental and economic) will be covered. All partners are strongly committed to provide equal opportunities and will promote gender and diversity balance.

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