KnowHub - Reconnecting universities and enterprises to unleash regional innovation and entrepreneurial activity.

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KnowHub is responding to the regional, national and local needs for the establishment and strengthening of the link between the higher education institutions and economy.

This project has been designed to respond most adequately to the specific needs and problems in the partner countries. Commercialization Hubs will be developed at all participating universities not as research centers, but as interfaces between higher education institutions and enterprises and society. These Hubs will attract enterprises, especially start-ups and SMEs, to the universities because of the knowledge and skills of their staff (professors and students) as well as the valuable technology that they will possess.

Besides, the Commercialisation Hubs will enhance participation of the universities in international projects and programs, detection and valorization of research results, creating strategic relationships with industry, liaisons and relations with potential sponsors.

The Hubs will be equipped with rapid prototyping technology (RPT) that has become a necessary instrument for technical and engineering sciences, medicine, urban planning, etc. and/or Lean Manufacturing (LEAN), which is very significant for increasing the competitiveness of the enterprises.

Project leader: Petri Helo
Project schedule: 15.11.2020-14.11.2022
Funding from: Erasmus+
Contact persons: Petri Helo, Rayko Toshev
Research partners: 
WUS Austria, University of Girona, European University in Tirana, University of Vlora, University of Sarajevo, University of Mostar, University of Montenegro

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