ALBATTS - Alliance for Batteries Technology, Training and Skills

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ALBATTS - a new European project - will support close collaborations between industrial and educational stakeholders, in the emerging Batteries for the Electro-mobility ecosystem.

By bringing together 20 organisations from 11 European countries, ALBATTS aims to establish a direction regarding competence demand and supply, covering the whole life cycle of the battery value chain, from cell production to battery systems in stationary and mobile applications. University of Vaasa, Vamia and Merinova are the participants from Vaasa. ALBATTS project is funded by ERASMUS+ funding and it started in December 2019. The project will continue until November 2023.

Together, relevant stakeholders will map the current technology state-of-play and design a roadmap for the synchronisation of skills demand, by identifying and matching the new competences’ needs with the supply of education and training services.

The main drive is to make Europe a competitive player in the battery ecosystem, by empowering European industry with a high-skilled workforce and expertise in batteries development and production.

ALBATTS efforts will be divided into six work packages, encompassing Stationary and Industrial battery Applications, and also Intelligence in Mobile Battery Applications.

This includes defining new job roles and new curricula. Educational providers, from upper secondary, post-secondary VET level to university masters and PhD studies, will cooperate on creating a training offer. Taking into consideration the analysis on industry needs.

Project contact person at the University of Vaasa: Professor Hannu Laaksonen


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3 000 000€
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68 000€
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