AENEAS - innovAtive ENErgy storage systems onboArd vesselS

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AENEAS aims to contribute towards climate-neutral and environmental friendly water transport through three new next generation clean energy storage solutions. Eventual impact is an increase of the global competitiveness of the EU waterborne transport sector by European technology leadership for energy storage solutions for diverse waterborne applications. It will focus on increased and early deployment of climate neutral energy storage solutions and significant electrification of shipping. AENEAS will provide solutions to improve overall energy efficiency and drastically lower energy consumption of waterborne transport vessels, founded upon innovative electric energy storage, which is safe and cost competitiveness compared to traditional batteries.

To achieve this, AENEAS will develop three innovative electric Energy Storage Solutions (ESS) for waterborne transport, which are advanced beyond the traditional battery systems:

  • Solid-state batteries (SSB) for constant load waterborne transport applications.
  • Supercapacitors (SC) for water-borne transport applications for shaving of power peak demands and peaks during loading.
  • Hybrid system, which combines SSB and SC for waterborne transport applications requiring high energy and power density energy storage solutions

The solutions enable (partial or full) electric shipping, taking into account conditions specific ships might encounter, including adverse conditions outside sheltered waters or going upstream on rivers. AENEAS will evaluate them for a range of applications and end uses in short-sea shipping and in-land waterways. For each of these three ESSs, one use-case will be demonstrated at TRL 5. At the same time AENEAS will define the pathway for the three ESSs for application in different ship types, achieving a comprehensive understanding of the ESSs and their applicability for diverse waterborne transport. Finally AENEAS will define a roadmap for full scale on-board demonstrators of two ESSs by 2027.

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