Mingwei Guo

Mingwei Guo thinks the Master's Degree Programme in Finance will provide him with a solid foundation for his future career.
Mingwei Guo

Hi, my name is Mingwei and I am from China. After four years of university in China, I decided to pursue my master's degree abroad because I wanted to experience different environments and cultures and interact with people from different countries.

I wanted to find a place with a pure academic atmosphere and away from the hustle and bustle, and naturally, Finland appealed to me. I decided to come here after going through the courses offered by the University of Vaasa's finance program.

My first year at Vaasa University coincided with the COVID pandemic. Almost everything shifted online, but I could still be sure that coming to the University of Vaasa was the right decision. There are clear course descriptions, very helpful study sites and facilities. You can even see the sea directly while you study at Tritonia, although I still don't know why the library tables are so low when the Finns are so tall. The personal study plan was my favorite part, I organized everything and PSP lets me know what the next two years would be like.

The teachers I met at University of Vaasa are very professional and friendly. Even when teaching online, I could feel their professionalism. One of my favorite classes is Professor Garanina's Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation, and her class is as warm as a sauna in winter. It was a pity that I could not meet my classmates, but I made many friends through the University of Vaasa, I believe some of them will be my lifelong friends. As for the program, I think the Master of Finance program is excellent. The theoretical knowledge is solid and broad, highly relevant to the CFA program, while still practical and at the forefront of the finance profession. I believe that this program will provide me with a very solid foundation for my future career. In addition, the University of Vaasa offers us a considerable number of optional courses, and you are free to mix and match these electives to coordinate a curriculum that works for you. There is no doubt that you will benefit from all of these courses!

Vaasa brings me a sense of peace. I go for walks around the lakes or in the forest to get some fresh air in my free time. Here is the beginning of a phase in my life, and I am very grateful for this starting point.