Alexander Dollee

Alexander Dollee

After I graduated from my B.Sc. In Finance & Control, I wanted to study abroad, as I had never studied abroad and would like to step outside of my comfort zone. I quickly drew my choice of universities to the Nordic Countries and after comparisons of universities combined with their programs, Vaasa University became my preferred university of choice. In my eyes a big plus was the internationally accredited EPAS certificate of the Finance degree. Accreditation gives value and proves the standard of studying, even for those, like me, who were not previously familiar with Vaasa University or the Finnish education system. By now it is easy for me to say that I’ve found the Finance degree to provide us excellent professors/researchers, quality lectures and a view onto contemporary finance like the view from a chef’s table by the kitchen with an opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge.

I would describe my Finance Master’s program as both challenging and exciting. I have a B.Sc. in Finance & Control, but decided after graduating that I really thrived and found more challenge in Finance, rather than Control. I like that the Master’s program both teaches us broad theoretical Financial basis’s and focuses on recent research in Financial Markets and Analysis. The pace is high, but if you put in the work, the reward is most certainly visible and I am very exited to start applying my knowledge in a working environment after graduation (hopefully in Finland!).

What I like the most about my Master’s degree program in Finance is that despite it being theoretical at times, it equally gives tools for practical applications of knowledge that is needed to be competitive in the future job market. What the degree programs in Vaasa allow, and I highly appreciate, is the freedom given to design your program to be as challenging as you would like it to be, due to the flexibility of courses being offered and your ability to pick up extra courses if you have time. You want your Finance program to be more quantitative? Add Mathlab. You want your program to have a wider mix of International Business Electives? Add them. I think Vaasa University is great in this aspect. I also like the weight put on your Master’s Thesis, which the University strongly encourages you to begin forming early on. My master’s thesis is literally a combination from many of my different courses mixed with a current ‘hot’ academic finance topic.

The thing I like the most about Vaasa is the possibilities given for studying. Tritionia is an absolute great library where a student has every tool that you can think of at hand to complete your studies with success. To be honest, I think that the socio-economic differences between the Netherlands and Finland are not that big, which made my transition to living in Finland quite easy. I love the winter the most in Finland. Even though the days are short, and the weather is cold, if you are well dressed, nothing beats a sunny cold day walking on the ice-covered sea! I had never walked on the sea before. Overall, despite the stereotype, I find Finns to be open and friendly. Plus Vaasa is the home to the highest percentage of Swedish Finns (an officially recognized minority) in Finland, which makes the experience even more interesting and diverse.

During my free time I am excited to be part of the Warranttilaiset, Student Council of Representatives. It is great to represent and give international degree students a voice. Furthermore, I like to cook for friends whenever possible and to eat out. My guilty pleasure is Hesburger. If you’re new in Finland, give it a go!