When the student has completed all the required studies for the licentiate or doctorate degree, he or she must apply for a degree certificate to the school.

Doctoral students can request for a degree certificate from the School when they have completed all the studies belonging to the doctoral or licenciate degree and the dissertation has been accepted. Degree certificates are issues primalily once a month, excluding July. There are two graduation days in May, June and December.

In addition to the degree certificate, A Diploma Supplement intended particularly for international use shall be issued to graduates. An academic title in English shall be awarded for a degree completed in some other language than Finnish or Swedish in accordance with the appendix of the Decree 794/2004. A person who has completed a doctorate degree, and whose dissertation is in English and whose public defence of the dissertation has been in English can be awarded a degree certificate in English in addition to the one in Finnish.

University of Vaasa to switch to electronic degree certificates