All students have to register as attending in order to complete studies at the University. You can find information about registration on this page, and all new students will be sent detailed instructions for registration by e-mail.

Master's Degree students: If a degree student fails to register at the University by the given deadline, they cannot begin the studies. Please also note that degree students have to start their studies in the programme in the beginning of the semester when they are granted the study right, and register as attending for the whole first academic year. You cannot register as non-attending and you cannot postpone the beginning of your studies to the next semester or academic year.

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Degree Students

From 2024 onwards, new degree students must register by the 11th July (Autumn intake) or by the 2nd January (January intake 2024) at the very latest. Students will be informed by email about when the registration period opens. Registration for degree students is done online through Oili-service, which students can access through the link they used to confirm their study place. At the same time, students are instructed to pay the Student Union (VYY) membership fee, which is compulsory for all degree students.

If you were conditionally accepted or you are required to pay tuition fees, you can only register after your conditional acceptance has been confirmed or after you have paid the tuition fee.

After registration, students can activate their user accounts online on the IT Service's website, with Finnish online banking credentials. If you do not have a Finnish bank account, you need to have your user account activated on campus in August/January depending on when your studies start - more information will be sent to you close to the orientation days.

Registration as Non-attending for the First Academic Year

New degree students cannot register as non-attending for their first year or postpone the beginning of their studies to the next semester or academic year. Exceptions may be mandatory (non-)military services, parental leave, or the student's own illness/injury - in these cases please contact the Admission Services as soon as possible. 

If you meet one of the criteria for non-attendance mentioned above, and the reason for being non-attending is only valid for one semester during your first year, it is still possible to register as non-attending for the whole academic year. As non-attending, students are not required to pay tuition fees, Student Union membership fee, or FSHS (YTHS) health care fee.

Degree verification

Students who have graduated from a higher education institution outside Finland, must bring the following documents for verification when beginning their studies:

  • original Degree Certificate(s)
  • original Transcript(s) of Records

All information given by the applicant in the application form will be compared with the applicant’s original documents upon registration to verify their authenticity. The presence of counterfeit, fraudulent or altered documents will lead to a refusal and the student’s right to study at the University of Vaasa will be terminated.

Time and place for the verification sessions will be communicated to you via e-mail before the orientation days. If you have applied to the Master's programme with a degree from a Finnish Higher education institution, this does not concern you.

Exchange and Double Degree Students

Exchange semester begins from the date of your registration, and accessing the University systems is only possible after registration, so it is important that exchange students register as soon as possible after arrival. Registration for exchange students is done in registration sessions organised in the beginning of the semester. Exchange students should attend one of the sessions, and you will be informed of the location via e-mail.

Joining the Student Union

Upon registering as attending, Degree and Double degree students need to pay the Student Union membership fee for the academic year. Degree students need to pay the Student Union membership fee when registering online. Double degree students can pay the fee on campus and bring the receipt to the registration session.

After paying the Student Union membership fee and successfully registering as a student at the University, you can apply for your student card. You can either use an electronic card on your smartphone or order a plastic card. For more information, please visit the Student Union website. If you order a plastic student card and need a proof of your student's status while waiting for the card, you can get a Certificate of Attendance from the Peppi system. 

All Degree and Double degree students must also pay the Student health care fee to Kela. More information is available on Kela's website.

Joining the Student Union is optional for exchange students. Exchange students will receive the Certificate of Attendance in the registration session.

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