Bachelor's thesis

A Bachelor’s thesis is an independent scientific final project, the subject for which is agreed with the teacher responsible for the thesis. For a Bachelor’s thesis to be accepted, it must be reviewed in a Bachelor’s thesis seminar and corrected based on the feedback received. Right from the start, please note that the Bachelor’s thesis must also meet the requirements for originality and source references. All theses will be checked with the Turnitin plagiarism detection software.

Making a Bachelor’s thesis begins with a thesis seminary course in your degree programme. Thesis seminars are organised mainly in autumn and spring terms. The thesis work course supports you in preparing your Bachelor’s thesis, and you will get a supervisor for your work. Enrol in the course according to your PSP. A Bachelor’s programme usually includes introductory lectures, seminars and writing a Bachelor’s thesis. The goal of a Bachelor’s thesis is to develop the skills for independent research on the research topic, the design and determination of the scope of the research problem, and to train the student for academic writing. A Bachelor’s degree must meet the requirements for independent academic work and demonstrate familiarity with academic problem definition and different approaches and methods.

Submitting bachelor's thesis

There will be no separate technical review of the work. The students are responsible for ensuring that the work complies with the writing guidelines.

When your thesis is finished, submit it to your supervisor for feedback and possible suggested corrections. When you have revised your text and your supervisor has given you permission to submit your thesis in Moodle, follow your supervisor’s instructions for plagiarism check in Moodle. The thesis version submitted in Moodle must be the same version you will submit in Osuva and to your supervisor. Submit your thesis in the Osuva publications archive and e-mail the same file to your supervisor. This will start the 30 day review period. The examiner will now conduct a review of your thesis. You will be notified about the grade after the review is completed.

Plagiarism detection

The plagiarism detection software is a part of the quality system of education and research. The use of the software is not a separate form or method of instruction or grading but an aid in instructing and grading thesis writers.

All theses (bachelor's and master's theses as well as licentiate and doctoral theses) written for the University of Vaasa are checked against plagiarism with this software before they are accepted. An entry of the check will be added on the student's transcripts of records. The software in use is called Turnitin.

Students submit their theses for the plagiarism check (in Moodle) at the latest when they give their theses in for grading.

All theses submitted for grading are checked for originality with Turnitin. Once a thesis has been checked, the supervisor will give the student permission to save the thesis in the electronic publication archive Osuva.

Bachelor's thesis evaluation

The reviewer of a Bachelor’s thesis is the teacher (supervisor) of the thesis. The reviewer shall provide their statement within 30 days of the submission of the work for review (Degree Regulations of the University of Vaasa, Section 16).

The thesis will be graded on a separate review form using a scale from 0 to 5 (failed, sufficient, satisfactory, good, very good, excellent). The approved Bachelor’s thesis is included in the major grade.

Bachelor thesis evaluation form


Bachelor's thesis evaluation rubrics


Timetable for Graduation 2023-2024

Apply for graduation in Peppi at least 28 days before the intended graduation day. Ask the International Education Specialist to check your studies well before that.

Application for certificate and all grades registered

Certificate submitted

11.8.2023 25.8.2023
15.9.2023 29.9.2023
13.10.2023 27.10.2023
10.11.2023 24.11.2023
4.12.2023 18.12.2023
15.12.2023 29.12.2023*
12.1.2024 26.1.2024
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13.3.2024 27.3.2024
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17.5.2024 31.5.2024
5.6.2024 19.6.2024
28.6.2024 31.7.2024**

*The degree certificates are prepared in the following month (January 2024)
**The degree certificates are prepared in the following month (August 2024)

Special cases


Students cannot make changes to their work after it has been returned for evaluation and archiving. However, if you notice parts of the work that require little repairs or refinements (the error may be a typing mistake, a naming error, an error in siding, a paragraph change, etc.) that generally do not affect the job's review but are more cosmetic, you can contact Tritonia or Education Services and ask them to add to your work the so-called errata, i.e. a change list, where you can announce the corrected parts in your work. No changes can be made to the reviewed and approved thesis file itself.

Background material

With commissioned theses, the commissioner may demand a thesis or parts of it to remain non-public in order to protect business or professional secrets. In this case, those parts of the work that contain such secrets are not integrated into the master’s thesis, but annexed to the thesis as background material. The background material must conform to the general guidelines on writing master’s thesis and must be left for assessment at the same time and in as many copies as the master’s thesis. The background material is not bound together with the master’s thesis but submitted separately with its own title page and titled BACKGROUND MATERIAL. However, general, non-specific information about the background material should be incorporated in the text of the master’s thesis if possible.

The minimum requirements for the actual master’s thesis are that it specifies the theoretical framework, research methods, material and its analysis, and has a list of references. It must be an independent, readable whole. Background material is evaluated together with the actual master’s thesis but is not made public. After the assessment, the background material is archived and kept in a secure place at the school. The use of background material as the main source must be agreed upon with the thesis supervisor beforehand.

Anonymisation of science is more preferred.

Online thesis workshop

Come and try the thesis workshop! In the workshop, we solve thesis-related problems together, overcome writer’s blocks, give and get peer support and share tips. You will make progress with your thesis, and get tips on, for example, time management and information searching. You can also stay online and just write your thesis. 

Thursdays at 16-17 onlineZoom link  (password: 070149)

Contact: Ray Ohtonen, Study Psychologist | Niina Sorvari, Information Specialist
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