Optical measurement technology in forestry's value chain/Optisk mätteknik i den skogliga värdekedjan (OMIS)

Interreg Bothnia-Atlantica
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This joint project researches how increasing the efficiency of forestry's value chain can benefit from optical measurement technology and satellite data.

The University of Vaasa and its Swedish partners Skogstekniska klustret, the lead partner, and Adopticum are together researching how optical measurement technologies and satellite data can be used to increase the efficiency of the activities of the forestry value chain's various sections, from the preparation of soil to planting, timber harvesting and complete wood products. 

The preliminary study, Optisk mätteknik i den skogliga värdekedjan, now launched will be carried out on both sides of the Kvarken supported by European Union's Interreg Botnia-Atlantica programme. Companies in the forestry sector on both sides of the Kvarken in Finland and in Sweden are welcome to participate in the project and to learn more about the opportunities offered by satellite data and optical measurement technology.

Person in charge at UniVaasa: Heidi Kuusniemi

Contact person: Johanna Haveri

Rsearcher: Ilona Söchting

Project duration
Total budget
88 250€
Total budget for the University of Vaasa
26 337€
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