Boosting Space Business – the Aurora Region Space Economy Ecosystem

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AuroraSpace -project aims to promote space business in the northern Finland, Sweden and Norway by developing a space innovation ecosystem. The project is partially financed by the EU Interreg Aurora program.

The AuroraSpace project aims to promote space business in the Interreg Aurora area of Finland, Sweden, and Norway by developing a space innovation ecosystem. By guiding and supporting the formation and growth of this ecosystem, we promote the commercial and sustainable development processes needed to develop space business. The project’s goal is to grow the space ecosystem of the Interreg Aurora area into a significant concentration of space expertise in the whole Nordic region and Europe. 

To achieve this goal, the project concentrates the know-how and experience of the region’s 12 universities, colleges, and research institutes operating in the space domain. This cross-border cooperation accelerates start-up companies in the field by developing the space innovation ecosystem. An important part of the project is to map and develop space-related education and research, as deficiencies in its accessibility have been found in previous projects. Companies already operating in the field or interested in it are also surveyed to further develop the ecosystem and identify industry best practices.


Communication, networking, and sharing of experiences between the academic world and companies, as well as the organization of events such as hackathons, help to develop space-oriented startups and the entire innovation ecosystem. At the same time, cross-border common features or possible obstacles in innovation ecosystems are mapped to ensure a cohesive and effective space innovation ecosystem.

The AuroraSpace project contributes to the following UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Project duration
External funding
884 254€
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283 177€
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1 096 038€
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316 399€
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