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D.Sc. (Econ.)
School of Marketing and Communication, International Business
+358 29 449 8434
Wolffintie 34, 65200 Vaasa
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Global Marketing Management

Master's and doctoral thesis supervision


Global marketing strategies and entrepreneurial marketing.

Globalization of firms, born globals / international new ventures, and globalising internationals.

Sustainable international marketing

Digitalization and International business models


Director of International New Ventures in the health industry: Growth and decision-making research project, part of Tekes / Business Finland: Project in co-operation with University of Vaasa and University of Eastern Finland. Total budget of 360 000 euros, (2017-2020).

Director of Born Globals: Growth stages and survival research project, part of Tekes, Liito program: Project in co-operation with University of Vaasa and Aalto University. Total budget of around one million Euros, (2009-2011).

Director of Glomark (Globalization and marketing strategy) research project: Project in co-operation with University of Vaasa, Aalto University and Eastern University of Finland, (2007-2016).

New project is starting in the area of International New Ventures, MNCs and SustainabilityInterested doctorate student candidates are asked to be in contact with prof. Peter Gabrielsson.


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