The problems with Lukkarikone continue

Uutisen oletuskuva
There have still been problems with the Lukkarikone from time to time.
Vaasan yliopiston kampus - Campus of Vaasa University

The supplier has been investigating the matter since Tuesday last week. The problems have occurred, for example, when user has been searching for course implementations with a keyword in Lukkarikone, s/he has received an error message "Error retrieving data" or "No data". The problem has been reported immediately to the supplier and they have lifted the service up and running within minutes. The root cause of the problem is still being investigated by the supplier.

According to the rumor, the implementations already added to the calendar would also have disappeared from the calendar, but this has not yet been repeated and thus it has not been possible to report on to the supplier. Implementations added to the calendar should remain in the calendar if the user is signed in to Lukkarikone. Of course, for a non-signed-in user, calendar bookings do not stay in the calendar when the user closes the browser.

Addition to news 2.9.: We now managed to repeat the situation observed by students that calendar bookings disappear from the calendar. They don’t actually disappear anywhere, but if Lukkarikone has been open for a long time and the user is signed in without doing anything in Lukkarikone and then returns to Lukkarikone and, for example, searches for implementations with a keyword, the user receives error message "Data retrieval error" and reservations seem to disappear from the calendar. The issue was fixed when the user signed out and signed in again. Nothing had disappeared from the calendar. The supplier has been asked to build into it a more sensible solution so that it does not seem to the user that the bookings disappear.

All observations and errors in the operation of Lukkarikone can be reported to The supplier will lift up the service as soon as they receive information about the problem, until we have the final clarity on the cause of the problem.

We apologize for the problems with Lukkarikone!

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