Dissertation: Information flow a key factor in supply chain management networks

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M.Sc. Richard Addo-Tenkorang’s doctoral thesis creates conceptual framework for large-scale complex engineering-design and delivery processes. The field of dissertation is industrial management.

– Large-scale complex engineering supply chain management (SCM) networks for some time now, have encountered several challenges in the effort to address and streamline key pertinent issues in their activities, such as effective and efficient co-ordination of their supply chain system-design multidisciplinary teams, for example information exchange and technical communication on their enterprise SCM network, Addo-Tenkorang tells.

– Very few have attempted to link the entire supply chain network activities in a complete value-chain management network approach. Therefore, I propose a feasible conceptual framework as a viable and validated option.

For effective analysis of large-scale complex engineering-design and delivery processes, information flow and exchange are very essential on the supply chain management network.

– Enterprise SCM network activities on large-scale complex engineering-design and delivery processes are seeking to have more visibility, efficiency and effectiveness in their activities in this global era, Addo-Tenkorang explains the results.

– Therefore, the need to identify a well-enhanced enterprise SCM network framework, which is well structured in a suitable concurrent multidisciplinary manner that enhances information exchange and communication network are more imminent in today’s industrial enterprises for effectiveness and efficiency in their operations.

Empirical data were collected from industrial enterprise SCM network pilot case studies and analysed by using a design structure matrix (DSM) simulation tool to configure feasible meta-databases constituted within a master database-management system and also to structure productive multi-disciplinary teams/partners' clusters on the SC network.

Furthermore,  questionnaires were used to collect data on the scale or level of communication network from a sample size of eight Ship Power SC network complex engineering-design and delivery systems-design teams, to enhance a robust SCM network analysis. The systems-design teams/partners consist of at least five members on each team. Statistical correlation analysis and a social network theory simulation tool were employed in a methodology triangulation approach to analyse the questionnaire data.

Literature review and archival record findings guided by the three adopted organization theory assumptions (Operation, Information Technology and Communication) were explored and utilized in this research.

Public examination

Public examination of M.Sc. Richard Addo-Tenkorang’s doctoral dissertation “Conceptual Framework for Large-Scale Complex Engineering-Design & Delivery Processes: A Case of Enterprise SCM Network Activities and Analysis” will be on Friday 29th of August at 15 o´clock in auditorium Kurtén (Tervahovi).

Professor Waldemar Karwowski from the University of Central Florida will act as an opponent and professor Petri Helo as a custos.

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