Dissertation: Evaluation of renewable energy development in power generation

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Lic.Sc. (Tech) Alireza Aslani’s doctoral dissertation analyzes the development of renewable energy utilization to increase the security of the energy supply in the Nordic countries. Field of the study is industrial management.
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– Although fossil fuels are the main sources of power generation in the world, they are losing their advantages because of their limitations and environmental and economic concerns, Aslani explains.

In response, utilization of domestic and local natural resources have an important role among the various replacement strategies.

– However, the diffusion of renewables is difficult because of their entrepreneurial nature and related technological, investment, political, and market uncertainties.

Aslani reviews the role of diversification of renewable energy resources in the security of energy supply and dependency. Then, different dimensions of renewable energy development are presented. Two system dynamics models are presented to evaluate the role of renewables in energy dependency and analyze the costs of renewable energy development.

The system dynamics models show that portfolios of renewables will produce annual savings in imported energy depending the plans and scenarios in Finland during 2012–2020.

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