ADVENTURE promotes on-the-fly collaboration

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The University of Vaasa, Department of Production takes part in the European FP7 Project ADVENTURE (ADaptive Virtual ENterprise ManufacTURing Environment). The idea of the project is to promote flexibility and the fast emergence of new innovations. The project is especially useful for the creation and operation of so called virtual factories that are networks of several independent manufacturing companies.

ADVENTURE will help virtual factories and enterprises move beyond existing operational limitations by providing concrete tools and approaches for leveraging the information exchange between factories. Factory process optimization will be enabled by the integration of runtime factory selection, forecasting, monitoring, and on-the-fly collaboration.

ADVENTURE aims at simplifying the establishment, management, adaptation, and monitoring of dynamic manufacturing processes in virtual factories by building on concepts and methods from the field of Service-oriented Computing and therefore benefiting from the progress that has been made in this domain in the last years. Technologies from the field of Ubiquitous Computing and the Internet of Things, e.g., wireless sensors, will be adopted in order to give information about the current status of manufacturing and delivery.

ADVENTURE will deliver reliable end-to-end cross partner interoperability of ICT systems in the manufacturing domain and the accompanying tools by providing a holistic environment for plug-and-play virtual factories based on cross-organizational manufacturing processes.

The University of Vaasa is responsible to deliver a ’Dashboard’ prototype to the ADVENTURE software that will interact with the potential users to manage the virtual factory effectively and efficiently in a collaborative business environment. ADVENTURE has been underway for one year. During that time the project has completed several tasks such as target market sector description, requirements analysis for the case companies, functional and technical specifications, state-of-the-art Wiki setup and initiation, prototype I for cloud-based data storage, data provisioning and discovery, smart process definition, adaptive process execution, dashboard, etc.

ADVENTURE consortium is experienced, geographically wide, and represents a spectrum of organizations being composed of the coordinating university Universität Darmstadt (Germany), research organizations INESC (Portugal), University of Vaasa (Finland), University of Vienna (Austria) and companies Ascora (Germany), TIE (the Netherlands), ISOFT (Bulgaria), TANet (United Kingdom) and AZEV (Portugal) most of which are SMEs. The duration of the project is 1.9.2011–31.8.2014 and the total budget of the project is around € 3 600 000, from which the University of Vaasa’s part is about € 330 000.

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