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University of Vaasa’s post-doctoral researcher Tuomas Huikkola’s dissertation entitled as “Escaping the commoditization trap by going downstream: How does a manufacturer manage its capabilities to create wealth from solutions?” has been selected for the best strategy-related dissertation in Finland.
Tuomas Huikkola

In collaboration with Pirkko and Tarmo Vahvelainen Foundation, Strategic Management Society in Finland (Suomen Strategisen Johtamisen Seura, SSJS) awarded Huikkola in the event arranged in Helsinki on 31st of January, 2018. Doctoral theses completed during the years 2015-2017 were accepted to participate in the contest.

Huikkola, who currently works at the University of Vaasa’s School of Management, won the first prize this year. Jury consisted of members such as professors, consultants, and executives from the Strategic Management Society in Finland and the Pirkko and Tarmo Vahvelainen Foundation.

In the selection process, the jury emphasized the novelty of the research problem, dissertation’s positioning within the strategy field, empirical quality, and originality of the results. In particular, dissertation’s practical contribution and applicability were main criteria this year.

Services should be developed “while the going is good”

Tuomas Huikkola defended his thesis in September 2017. Strategy Professor Marko Kohtamäki supervised the thesis.

-Technology firms should consider the business potential of services and invest in them “while the going is good”. Services can potentially enable more stable income in the era of economic turmoil for the manufacturers, reminds Huikkola.

The dissertation reveals that service business requires different capabilities than product business. Technology firms typically create and build new capabilities in the areas of sales and digitization. Second, technology firms leverage their existing capabilities to increase the customer’s “share-of-wallet”. Finally, technology firms typically release their upstream and non-core resources to invest in downstream activities.

Strategic Management Society in Finland is an insightful, influential and inquisitive society for strategy professionals. SSJS promotes learning and networking of its members and supports strategic expertise of Finnish enterprises and organizations

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