Susanna Kultalahti’s dissertation received ”Highly Commended” in Emerald/EFMD Outstanding ...

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Assistant professor at the University of Vaasa, DSc. Susanna Kultalahti’s dissertation received the distinction by the editors of Personnel Review as a Highly Commended Award winner of the 2015 Emerald/EFMD Outstanding Doctoral Research Awards.
Palkitun väitöstutkimuksen mukaan esimies on Y-sukupolven mielestä personal trainer, henkilökohtainen valmentaja, joka palautteen ja vastuiden kautta auttaa Y-sukupolvelaista paitsi nykyisessä työssä, myös koko työuralla. Kuva: Flickr CC

She received the distinction in the Human Resource Management category for her dissertation entitled It’s so nice to be at work!” Adopting different perspectives in understanding Generation Y at work.

The supervisor of her dissertation was professor Riitta Viitala.

Kultalahti’s dissertation reveals that Millennials value good work environment and social connections at the workplace. Millennials prefer a work community that allows them to be themselves and where people support and help each other.

When it comes to the supervisor, Millennials have totally new expectations and needs.

Generation Y challenges the supervisor by demanding lots of time for both informal and formal discussions and interaction with the supervisor. They wish that the supervisor takes into consideration their personal hopes and needs. Especially they hope that the supervisor listens and shows appreciation and respect.



Susanna Kultalahti


Further information: Susanna Kultalahti, tel. +358 40 750 7679, email: susanna.kultalahti(at)

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