Culture, Values and Justice -conference, May 2014

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This conference creates and facilitates new research openings and cooperation in the interdisciplinary field of comparative cultural studies by bringing together scholars from different countries and universities worldwide to discuss and debate a range of topics.
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The theme of the conference draws increased international attention: the issues of cultural encounters are increasingly addressed in terms of values and justice. This trend is related to the growing awareness of universal social problems, including uneven income distribution, increasing health gaps between rich and poor, constant gender inequality, and the ideological roots of environmental problems. These are among the issues being discussed in this conference.

The keynote speaker is Professor Kisor Chakrabarti, a distinguished expert in classical Indian philosophy and comparative cultural studies.

The conference is organized by Faculty of philosophy and the Intercultural Phenomena in Time (IPIT) research team.

More information: Tommi Lehtonen, tel. 029 449 8379, email: firstname.lastname(at)

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