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Collaboration model of the University of Vaasa

Academic foresight meets business performance

The role of universities in society is to lead science and innovation on a broad spectrum. Instead of looking at bringing single products to market, the core task of universities is to study opportunities in science and technology in their early stages of development. New and exciting things happen when free and independent thinking takes place without the time constraints and financial obligations of the business world.

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Added value from partnership

Enjoy improved thought leadership through a partnership with us! You will also gain top-of-mind status among high-quality future recruits. With our help, you can speed up your innovation process and get your products to the market faster. At the same time, you will build long-term relationships with positive commercial implications. Grab your opportunity to gain access to the brightest minds of today and tomorrow!

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Collaboration model

Regardless of the type of collaboration, we follow a clear and defined service model to ensure smooth cooperation and exceeded expectations.

  • Partnership setup carried out in cooperation
  • Objectives and needs of partner organisation defined
  • Exchange of ideas and relevant information
  • Type(s) of collaboration defined and decided on

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  • A single point of contact and responsibility at the university makes us easy to work with
  • Relevant team of experts compiled for each partnership
  • Best available assets across university departments and platforms to ensure high-quality results​

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  • All parameters and expectations of cooperation​ defined and agreed
  • Detailed definition of targets, objectives and scope of collaborative work
  • Agreement on schedule (gates, milestones, sprints), costs, intellectual rights etc.​
  • Exploration and application for additional external funding opportunities​

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  • Execution as planned based on the type of collaboration in question
  • Streamlined process execution​ with regular collaboration and contact
  • Respect and room for the scientific and academic process
  • Agreed milestones and review meetings

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  • Review of outcomes of collaboration
  • Proposals and recommendations based on work
  • Overview of opportunities for further cooperative work
  • Definition of the next phase of the partnership

A worker sitting on the top of a wind turbine looking at the sun shining on a blue sky

What type of collaboration would you value?

We are open to discussing any form of partnership that we could contribute to by creating added value to the partner organisation through insight and innovation.

Joint development / revenue models

Sponsored professorships

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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