Vaasa Spouse Programme Career Club 

The Career Club is a career track initiative of the Vaasa Spouse Programme focused on the career development of international spouses in the Vaasa region. The tailor-made career development programme provides concrete tools for participants in order to support and promote their career prospects as well as their employability.
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The Career Club in detail

The Career Club is a regularly running initiative targeted primarily for highly skilled spouses in the Vaasa region. The programme is free of charge and one can become a participant through an application and selection process. Each cohort will run for approximately 2 months consisting of 8-10 on-site sessions and home assignments. Meetings are held once a week.  

The scope and contents of the programme capture competence development, Finnish culture and working life, networking and personal branding, job search process, and many more.  

Participants will get the chance to meet guests from our partner organisations who will discuss and take them through the designed contents. 

What's in it for you?

  • Get to understand facts about local working life and its expectations.
  • Enhanced mindset about job search process as well as learn better ways to stand out as a job applicant.
  • Understand the role of networking, its importance and ways to utilise it.
  • Get tailored guidance for your specified need.

Apply now for the first round!

Application for the first round is open from 2.10.2023 to 22.10.2023. Apply now

Preliminary programme:

21.11.2023 10 AM - 1:30 PM Introduction & working life in Finland    
28.11.2023 10 AM - 1:30 PM Career mapping, setting goals, reflection
5.12.2023 10 AM - 1:30 PM  HR Process    
12.12.2023 10 AM - 1:30 PM Entrepreneurship    
9.1.2024 10 AM - 1:30 PM Networking & personal branding 
16.1.2024 10AM - 4 PM Demo CV review and interview     
23.1.2024 10 AM - 3 PM Project based workshop    
31.1.2024 11AM - 1 PM Graduation

The sessions will be given by experts from professional life including companies like Wärtsilä, ABB and other institutions. In case of changes, we will inform the participants in advance.

Eligibility and selection process

To participate, you need to:

  • be a highly educated international spouse 
  • be a registered member of the Vaasa Spouse Programme 
  • live in the Vaasa region (Vaasa, Mustasaari, Maalahti, Laihia, Isokyrö, Korsnäs ja Vöyri)   
  • have a good proficiency in English to read and take part in discussions 
  • be available to attend sessions for the entire duration of the programme. 

Participants will be selected based on their eligibility, motivation as well as the order of application. Kindly note that race, gender, or the field of education does not affect your application. For the first career club round, priority will be given to those who have been members of the spouse programme before June 2023. 

Frequently asked questions

Who can join? 

If you are highly skilled international spouse who is a registered member of the Vaasa Spouse programme and meets the basic requirements, you are welcome to apply. 

Who cannot join? 

Unfortunately, if you are a full-time student or a full-time employee working within your own field of expertise, you are not eligible. Kindly note that you also are not eligible if you are not an international spouse.  

What does highly educated mean? 

Highly educated is someone who has a minimum of three years of education after high school. It could be a certificate from a vocational education institution or a degree from a higher educational institution. 

How long does the programme last? 

There will be 8–10 sessions in each cohort. Hence, each round lasts two months. 

What language is used in the programme? 

English is the language of use in this programme. 

Can I join online? 

No. The programme is on-site. 

Is it compulsory to attend all sessions? 

Yes! Due to the nature of the contents, it is extremely important that you are available for all sessions. 

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