The liability of civil servants

Research questions: How does the Finnish system of liability of civil servants deal with modern challenges (internationalization, digitalization, public-private partnership etc.)? What kind of changes we need that the liability system is fair and effective and increases citizens’ trust on public administration?

From comparative perspective we will analyse the situation in Germany, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands and Estonia as well. How the liability of civil servants is organized in these countries; are the public authorities and governments equated with the private parties or do the special rules or structures provide the basis for the liability system (tort and criminal)?

Project title: The liability of civil servants
Project leader: Associate professor Niina Mäntylä
Funding from: Government’s analysis, assessment and research activities (Valtioneuvosto, VN TEAS)
Project funding: 149 151 euro
Project period: 3.4.2020-31.12.2021
Project researchers: project researcher Ville Karjalainen and Nora Korhonen.
Expert group: LL.D Kristian Siikavirta, professor Vesa Annola, professor Christoph Demmke, and professor Henrik Wenander (Lund University).
Research group / research platform at the University of Vaasa: Public policy and organisations / InnoLab

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149 151€
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Public policy and governance
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