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SESP – Smart Energy Systems Research Platform is a project in the AIKO-program relating to the theme ”digitalization and innovation environment” in the growth agreement made between government and Vaasa region. The project is executed by the University of Vaasa in cooperation with Svenska handelshögskolan (Hanken) at Vaasa.

The main entities that are developed in the project and will also remain in operation after the project are laboratory environment for Smart Grids including real time digital simulator, Big Data warehouse and Living Lab –applications. The results include also new business models and concepts, which are based on the data from Smart Grids and especially on the use of created data warehouse.

Final Seminar was held 12.4.2019:

Presentations and posters in the final seminar

Project reports:

Prosumers in Transforming Electricity Markets: Policy Action Suggestions for Removing Barriers

Design Principles for A Big Data Platform: a Value Conscious Exploration

Robust and Reliable Wireless Communication Between the Smart NOx Sensor and the Speedgoat/Engine Control Module
Project duration
Total budget
900 000€
Units and groups
Project actors at the University of Vaasa
Smart electric systems
Organisation coordinating the project