Nordic NaBS: New Nordic Nature Based Service Models

The main goal of the Nordic NaBS project is to develop nature based business and service models based on the health promoting effects of our northern nature. There is a lot of untapped potential and resources in nature and in rural nature based businesses that could be combined with social, health care and pedagogical services.

The project strengthens the expertise of various actors and pilots the integration of northern nature based services with social work, health care and educational services in the project area. Through cross-border learning and collaboration, we aim to provide new services, products and methods, as well as a joint Nordic service brand to enhance both well-being and business competitiveness, and to inspire the sustainable development of nature-based services.

The main tasks of the project are:

  • familiarizing entrepreneurs and clients with nature-based approaches and methods in different countries (Green Care, Grön Arena, Naturunderstödd rehabilitering, Inn på Tunet)
  • Enhancing entrepreneurship in service design, commercialization, marketing and quality management
  • conducting regional, national and international workshops and field trips to companies in different regions
  • cross-border learning and networking
  • experimenting and developing cooperation models between social and health care, pedagogics and nature based entrepreneurs
  • evaluation of the welfare effects and economic impacts of the nature based services in the project area
  • developing a joint Nordic service brand

Project title: Nordic NaBS - New Nordic Nature Based Service Models
Project time: 1.1.2019-31.12.2021
Project contact in Central Ostrobothnia: Project Manager Martta Ylilauri, InnoLab
Project Partners: Lapland University of Applied Sciences (coordinator), the University of Vaasa, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Luleå University of Technology/Faculty of Health Sciences
Funded by: EU Interreg North
Project area: Central Ostrobothnia, Northern Ostrobothnia and Lapland in Finland and Norrbotten and Västerbotten in Sweden
Total budget: € 1.266.605 (University of Vaasa: € 239 394)

Project homepage:

Project duration
Total budget
1 266 605€
Total budget for the University of Vaasa
239 394€
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