MoveIT – Low Carbon Dioxide Transport service in the Vaasa Region 2030

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The project creates conditions for the Vaasa Region, in order to meet ongoing changes in Finland concerning transport services. The first phase of The Act on Transport Services entered into force on 1 July 2018. This legislative change is to change how public transport is perceived to the extent, that transport services and travel chains will gradually replace the term public transport itself. The law deals with how people can move and travel in a sustainable and safe
way, the needs of suburban vs. rural areas, and how new digital services can facilitate this through transparency and exchange of information.

Other factors contributing to this change are national and regional emission targets, digitalization of the transport and infrastructure sector as a whole, reform of regulatory structures, development of car technology and renewable fuels, and new services such as vehicle-sharing and carpooling. These examples are all positive driving powers, but without a coordinated cooperation, there is a risk that their full potential in the Vaasa region will be lost.

The project supports the region’s cities, municipalities’, companies’, and by extension inhabitants’, work with sustainable transport services and emission targets.

Target: The project target is to produce the Plan of Activities - Low Carbon Dioxide Transport Services in the Vaasa Region 2030, together with the target group, in order to develop the transport services possibilities and increase their utilization, through both coordination and digital solutions. The Plan of Activities consists of sub targets and a road map up to 2030. 2030 is within the framework of Ostrobothnia’s Traffic System Plan and Vaasa’s Energy- and Climate

Program: Vaasa’s carbon dioxide targets presupposes change of bigger administrative procedures and cooperation related to transport. The project’s goal is also to better coordinate the activities of transport related authorities and actors, in order to contribute to the emission targets in the Vaasa region.

Actions: The project consists of four work packages; 1 A current situation analysis, 2 Two pilots related to transport services in the region and digital solutions, 3 A plan of activities made up together with the target group during five workshops, 4 Dissemination of information. The horizontal principles are integrated in both the project work and results.

Results: The project results in the current situation analysis ”The Current Situation and Future of Public Transport and other Traffic in the Vaasa Region” and the plan of actions “Low Carbon Dioxide Transport Services in the Vaasa Region 2030”, connected to the five workshops. The project also delivers two pilots focusing on digital solutions in order to support the use of transport services, one targeting companies and the other municipalities. The project communicates continuously through printed and digital information channels.

Report:  Nykytila-analyysi Vaasan seudun liikennetavoitteista -raportti

Analyse material: 

Project period: 1.1.2019 - 31.12.2020

Project coordinator: Vaasanseudun Kehitys VASEK oy,

Project partner: University of Vaasa, Innolab.

Funder: Pohjanmaan liitto/ EAKR-rahoitus.

Project partners: Etelä-Pohjanmaan ELY-keskus, City of Vaasa and Mustasaaren kunta.

University of Vaasa contact person: Heli Siirilä

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