Rural transport and mobility (‘MaasDigiboksi’)

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This national communication project collects, processes and spreads concrete information about the changes in transport and mobility sector affecting rural areas. It illustrates how digitalization and changes in legislation (Transport Code) can enable more flexible organization of transport and mobility services The project covers entire Finland. The main target group is different SMEs in rural areas.

The project does practical and multichannel communication: collecting case descriptions on project website related to new operations models, pilots and services, organizing topical webinars and writing blogs and texts to various media

Official webpage:
Project funder: Manner-Suomen maaseudun kehittämisohjelma / Valtakunnalliset hankkeet.
Project period: 1/2018-2/2020
Project coordination by University of Vaasa, Levón-instituutti/InnoLab.
Project partner: Teknologian tutkimuskeskus VTT Oy

University of Vaasa, contact person: Heli Siirilä

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