Academic Year and Registration

The academic year at the University of Vaasa is divided into autumn semester (September-December) and spring semester (January-May) and both semesters are further divided into two study periods. Some of the courses might take place only during one period and therefore start in the middle of the semester. Students are required to register to each course separately.

Students are advised to arrive in Vaasa during the official arrival days as the pick-up service is available only during those days.

Summer 2023

Teaching is arranged during summer 29.5.–31.8.2023. 

Completing studies during August requires registering as attending for the autumn semester 2023.

See also: Summer studies section.

Academic year 2023-2024

Autumn semester 2023

  • 1st period 1 Aug–22 Oct 2023. Teaching begins on 4 Sept. New student induction weeks 34–35.
  • 2nd period 23 Oct–31 Dec 2023. Teaching ends 20 Dec.

Spring semester 2024

  • 3rd period 1 Jan –17 Mar 2024. Teaching begins on 8 Jan.
  • 4th period 18 Mar –2 Jun 2024. Teaching ends 31 May.

Summer 2024

  • 5th period 3 Jun–31 Jul 2024.