Academic Year and Registration

The academic year at the University of Vaasa is divided into autumn semester (September-December) and spring semester (January-May) and both semesters are further divided into two study periods. Some of the courses might take place only during one period and therefore start in the middle of the semester. Students are required to register to each course separately.

Academic year 2023-2024

Autumn semester 2023

  • 1st period 1 Aug–22 Oct 2023. Teaching begins on 4 Sept. New student induction weeks 34–35.
  • 2nd period 23 Oct–31 Dec 2023. Teaching ends 20 Dec.

Spring semester 2024

  • 3rd period 1 Jan –17 Mar 2024. Teaching begins on 8 Jan.
  • 4th period 18 Mar –2 Jun 2024. Teaching ends 31 May.

Summer 2024

  • 5th period 3 Jun–31 Jul 2024. 

Academic year 2024-2025

Autumn semester 2024

  • Study period 1: 1.8.–20.10.2024
    • Teaching begins on 2 September
  • Study period 2: 21.10–31.12.2024
    • Teaching ends on 20 December 2024.

Spring semester 2025

  • Study period 3: 1.1.–16.3.2025
    • Teaching begins on 9 January
  • Study period 4: 17.3.–1.6.2025 
    • Teaching ends on 30 May
  • Study period 5: 2.6.–31.7.2025 (summer period)

Registering for the academic year

Students who attend lectures, exercises or exams or write theses have to register as attending (present). Students who are on student exchange or completing other studies outside the university must also register as attending at their home university.

Students who register as non-attending (absent) can’t participate in the courses organised by the university and they can’t be members of the Student Union. If you wish to continue your studies, you may change your registration to attending at any point during the academic year. In that case, contact education systems services (edusys(a)

Registration period

The registration period for continuing students is from 1 June 2024 to 15 September 2024. For the spring term 2025, the registration period ends 31 January 2025. You must register as attending or non-attending during the registration period.

How to register and pay the student union membership fee

Student union membership fee is compulsory for all attending degree students. Student union membership fee is optional for incoming exchange students. 

Registration in Peppi

Log into Peppi and click the Register for the academic year link on the home page. You will be directed to Oili registration service. In Oili you can register as attending (present) or non-attending (absent) student and pay the Student Union fee. Registration will be automatically transferred to Peppi. 

Registration without using Peppi

If you can’t register through Peppi, you can register by returning a filled and signed registration form by email to edusys(a) If you register as attending, you should also enclose a receipt of the paid student union membership fee with your registration form. You can pay the student union membership fee to the account of the Student Union. Further instructions are available from ylioppilaskunta(at) Please note that the receipt must also be attached if registration is done via mail, e-mail or fax.

If you have registered as attending and would like to change your status to non-attending, you can do that only during the registration period by contacting education systems services at edusys(a)

Remember to register for each study right separately

If you have several active degree study rights you have to register for each study right separately either as attending or non-attending. If you have a combined study right for both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree and you have not yet completed your bachelor’s degree, register only for your bachelor’s degree study right.

You will see all your active study rights for which you need to register in the Oili registration service. Remember to register for all your active study rights separately during the registration period to avoid the late registration fee.

If you are planning to complete courses associated with different study rights, register as attending for all relevant study rights. You only need to pay the Student Union fee once although you register as attending for multiple study rights. If you are not planning to complete any courses associated with a particular study right, you can register as non-attending for that study right.

Late registration fee

Did you forget to register by the deadline? Those who have not registered by the deadline will be removed from the student register.

A late registration fee of 35 euros is collected from students who register as attending or non-attending after the deadline. This is an additional fee to the student union membership fee. Please note that the late registration fee is NOT paid to the same account as the student union membership fee.

If you register late for more than one study right at a time, you will only be charged one late registration fee. If you register later for another study right, you will be charged a late registration fee again.
If you have not registered as attending/non-attending for over an academic year, you also need to submit an application for a re-activation of study right to the university. Check the form for further instructions.

The late registration fee is paid to the account of the University of Vaasa

Danske Bank
Recipient: University of Vaasa
IBAN: FI37 8919 9710 0008 72
Reference number to be used in the payment: 276012

Please submit a receipt of the late registration fee payment together with a receipt of the paid student union fee to the university.

Forms in this page are in PDF format and they are not fully accessible.