Tohtorikoulutettavan ja yritysten yhteistyömalli (AKKE)

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The project develops and pilots the cooperation model of the University of Vaasa and Vaasa colleges together with companies/communities. The University of Vaasa acts as a driving force for the development of the model, and the universities offering doctoral education in the region act as co-operators of the model, making the developed model a part of the whole. The goal is to develop a model between the doctoral student and the company, which enables the integration of the company's or a third party's research topic into the doctoral student's research topic. The model integrates strongly with the needs of companies in the province for the development of research-based operations, processes and services.

The cooperation model enables long-term development work that strengthens the competitiveness of companies in the region and offers doctoral students an attractive career path to demanding research and expert tasks. In the cooperation model of the University of Vaasa, the partners are a company or community and a researcher pursuing a PhD.

In the project, different cooperation models are mapped and the University of Vaasa's cooperation model is created. Its development also requires dialogue, mapping and marketing of the model based on the needs and activities of the companies in the area. The model is also available for other universities in the region.

The background work of the project also explores the way for university of applied sciences students and teachers to doctoral studies. They are a potential application group that could also benefit from a business collaboration model.

Project duration
External funding
95 365€
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136 236€
Principal investigator at the University of Vaasa
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