Tiedon jalostamisen maantieteet laajennetuissa ajoissa ja tiloissa (BETH)

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BETH significantly increases the empirical and conceptual understanding of thoroughly novel geographies of knowledge creation processes that are now emerging. We increasingly create knowledge as new beings, that is, humans as and through avatars, telepresence robots, and holograms. As new beings, we can be there in several places at a time, mobilize tacit and embodied knowledge in ways not possible before, and access and generate extended space and time into knowledge creation processes. BETH asks, how knowledge is created, located, and mobilized as and through new beings? BETH develops a novel spatio-temporal and posthuman approach to analyze the emerging geographies of knowledge creation. BETH concentrates on the high-end global technology of the developers and use cases. BETH conducts a global interview study, ethnographic, and autoethnographic studies of knowledge creation processes as and through new beings.

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