Sustainable and responsible food province

Co-funded by the European union
Etelä-Pohjanmaan Liitto

The Sustainable and Responsible Food Province project strengthens and verifies the responsibility work of the food system in South Ostrobothnia. The project focuses on reducing the industry's climate emissions and negative environmental impacts by offering and developing different tools for companies and piloting them. At the same time, the adaptation of the region's food system to climate change and the prevention of risks are promoted. 

In the project, based on the cooperation of partner organizations, a regional network is created. The concrete task of the network is to monitor the implementation of the climate road map of the food sector in Southern Ostrobothnia and to prepare a regional strategy for adapting the food system to climate change in cooperation with stakeholders. The network also promotes the flow of information within the food system between different actors and industries. As project measures, the local, regional, national and international good practices of sustainability and responsibility work are mapped, and this information is passed on to the pilots and stakeholders involved in the project. With the help of pilots carried out by partner organizations, practical methods are tested for reducing climate emissions, promoting

The University of Vaasa will carry out one of the pilots to develop and test labelling that promote responsible food choices. Two experimental studies will be carried out in the pilot. The first examines, with the help of an online survey, how labelling based on different ways of processing information and motives work. The other experiment tests the ability of selected labels to nudge consumers towards more sustainable lunch choices in real lunch cafeteria setting.

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575 916€
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84 560€
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719 897€
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105 700€
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