Research Environment for Smart Grids and Flexible Energy Resources (SGFER) + investments

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The objectives of the SGFER project are: implementation and deployment of the PHIL1 hardware suite that supports research, testing, concepting and accelerated commercialization of micro networks, upgrading the PAC hardware environment and developing the service concept for the VEBIC SmartGrid laboratory.

The project entity is implemented in two work packages, in which the tasks of extending the process bus test environment, acquiring and deploying the Micro Network Testing Environment (PHIL1), upgrading the PAC laboratory to meet today's component development cycle, defining service concepts and operating model for the extended VEBIC SmartGrid laboratory, and piloting defined service concepts are carried out.

The SGFER project entity will increase collaboration opportunities, develop expertise and co-development with the VEBIC SmartGrid laboratory and companies, streamline the R&D process of the directly targeted companies and accelerate the commercialization of new products. The project results will increase the attractiveness of the VEBIC SmartGrid laboratory in international networks of universities and research laboratories.

Research Environment for Smart Grids and Flexible Energy Resources (SGFER) + investments

Duration: 01.10.2020-31.05.2022
External funding: EAKR /Pohjanmaan liitto
Other Fundin: Vaasan yliopisto
External funding, sum: 128 514 e + 64 400 e
Total budget: 160 643 e + 92 000 e
Project lead: Suvi Karirinne
Other researchers: Kimmo Kauhaniemi, Katja Sirviö, Hossein Hafezi, Mazaher Karimi
Contact person: Kimmo Kauhaniemi
Research platform / Research group: VEBIC, Älykkäät sähköjärjestelmät
Project coordinator: University of Vaasa
Project partner: VAMK
Collaboration with:  ABB, Arcteq, Danfoss, Schneider Electric and Vaasan Sähköverkko

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