Influence of GDPR on Digital Business

The project aims to explore how data-based businesses and innovation can be implemented in a privacy-protective environment without compromising personal data and other legal rights. The study focuses on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and digital businesses that leverage the latest technologies, Big Data, and the platform economy. The ultimate goal is to establish a viable and sustainable new data economy in the Digital Single Market of the European Union (EU).

The rapid growth of the data industry and the use of modern technologies such as AI have necessitated further research on the legal aspects of digital business and data. While the development of such technologies is fast-growing with huge prospects, related legal and regulatory questions also need to be considered by managing and adopting practical strategies. Data protection aspects require the proper use of open-source models and data, and managing responsibilities without endangering personal data and privacy when deploying the latest technologies and systems. In addition to conducting and managing independent research on data protection issues and the influence of the GDPR in relation to digital business, the project aims to expand the research area that intersects data protection law, business law, and space law. The project will also participate in project proposal writings and funding applications with Digital Economy budget funding.

Generative AI, Big Data, and the platform economy can lead to better customer services, but they are also the source of gathering much information by brokers and advertisers who monetize from the data collected. Many free services collect information about users. The precise target of this project is to explore how GDPR creates opportunities and obligations for businesses to more carefully and accurately evaluate the value of data, and if needed, to re-arrange their business policies. Since the GDPR regulates the activities of multinational technology companies, the research can effectively contribute to developing an efficient business environment, mitigating risks, and exploring new business possibilities for a data platform and a sustainable future environment.

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Principal investigator at the University of Vaasa
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