Energy for IoT and other electrical devices (E4IoT)

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The main aim of this project is to develop and demonstrate generic energy autonomic solutions utilising energy harvesting and energy storage for various industry applications.

Potential application areas for the developed technology are e.g. IoT, wireless communication, ICT, electronics, measurement technology, automation and maintenance. The reaching of the main target requires that the following tasks are carried out:

  • Development of new type of harvester modules (e.g. inductive and thermoelectric). The modules convert energy from e.g. vibration, rotation or temperature difference into electric energy.
  • Development of reliable and energy efficient electronics for the harvester modules.
  • Development of energy storages for the harvester modules.
  • Integration of the harvester modules, electronics, energy storages and wireless IoT into energy autonomic prototype systems.

The project also aims at increasing the cooperation between the companies and developing expertise and expert services of the local universities in this technology area. The research project is carried out in close cooperation with industrial companies and Vaasa University of Applied Sciences.

E4IoT – Energy for IoT and Other Electrical Devices
Duration: 1.9.2020-31.8.2022
Project leader: Pekka Ruuskanen
Project researchers: Lauri Kumpulainen, Birgitta Martinkauppi, Tuomas Rauta, Jussi Keskikuru
Research group/platform at the University of Vaasa: Smart Electric Systems, Renewable energy
Project funding from: European Regional Development Fund ERDF, The Regional Council of Ostrobothnia
External funding: 273797 eur
Budget: 298519 eur
Project partner: Vaasa University of Applied Sciences
Co-operation partners: ABB, Ensto, Safegrid, Sähkötutkimuspooli, TJK Tietolaite, UTU, Vaasan Sähköverkko,Vaisala, Vaspec, Wapice, Viimatech Digital, Wärtsilä
Contact persons: Pekka Ruuskanen, Lauri Kumpulainen

Project duration
External funding
273 797€
Total budget
298 519€
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Smart electric systems
Renewable energy
Technology and Innovations
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