Business ecosystem for food waste -PAJATSO

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leverage from the EU 2014-2020

The overall aim of the PAJATSO project is to promote the reduction of food waste through new technology and sociocultural change, in accordance with the national food waste roadmap, supporting a transfer to sustainable food system. The final output is business ecosystem for food waste.

The central outputs of the project are devided to the following work packages:

  1. Automating Food Loss Measurement
  2. Methodology Bank for Reducing Food Loss
  3. Dissemination mechanisms for food waste solutions

University of Vaasa (SC Research) oversees work packages 1 and 2. The project is a continuation of the systematic development process done in SC Research that started in South-Ostrobothnia with the implementation of the Ecowaste4Food project in 2017, followed by Wasteless project in 2019.

Project partners:
Lapuan kaupunki

Cooperation with companies:
Oiwa Solutions Oy
Biovaaka Oy

Project duration
External funding
232 000€
External funding for the University of Vaasa
139 000€
Total budget
290 000€
Total budget for the University of Vaasa
174 000€
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