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Open Science

Open science at the University of Vaasa

At the University of Vaasa, we comply with good scientific practice and Finnish law, as well as with national and international recommendations concerning open science. Open science is a part of the University's strategy guidelines. In its Pathways to Success 2030 strategy, it is stated that "we will always comply with the principles of open science". University will monitor and evaluate the level and development of open science.

Responsible open science is an essential part of our scientific activities. Open science covers scientific publications, research materials, research methods and research culture, among other things. Open science supports the dissemination and impact of scientific research within the scientific community and throughout society.

Open publication of research results and materials increases the visibility and impact of research. References to publications and materials are a part of a researcher's academic merits. Opening up and communicating about the research process and research methods increases the credibility and visibility of the research. Visibility opens up new opportunities for collaboration between researchers and for profiling the university.

The University of Vaasa's Open Science Implementation Plan complements the Open Science Policy and Principles document. The implementation plan includes practical guidelines for researchers concerning open science practice and states the parties responsible for the various areas of open science.

Principles of openness concerning research publications

  • The University of Vaasa requires its researchers to publish openly whenever possible. Researchers' scientific publications (articles, chapters in books, monograph, conference publications, or the like) are made open access by parallel storage in the publication archive Osuva and by publishing them in Open Access publication channels. Hybrid open access publication is also possible as an interim solution toward full open access publication. The University sets aside funds to cover the costs relating to publication and openness.
  • Doctoral dissertations, licentiate theses, Bachelor's and Master’s theses are published in electronic format in the University of Vaasa's publication archive Osuva. As part of the supervision process, the supervisor must ensure that this is possible. In the case of dissertations, in particular, the supervisor must ensure that the articles/essays or monograph that comprise the dissertation can be openly published.
  • The University encourages its researchers to communicate about their research more extensively than just the traditional channels, for example in professional publications or on social media.
  • The University of Vaasa's researchers should obtain an international ORCID researcher identifier that helps identify their scientific activities and increase their visibility.

Principles of openness concerning research materials and research methods

  • The University of Vaasa encourages its researchers to publish openly their research materials and methods in accordance with the FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable).
  • When opening research materials, the confidentiality, privacy and data security of the material is taken into account. Furthermore, laws, decrees and agreements have an impact on opening research materials. In addition to the above matters, issues relating to the ownership and copyright of the material are agreed upon in research projects.
  • We also encourage the opening up of research methods, including algorithms used as well as publishing the generated code as open source.
  • After the completion of a study or research project, national services, such as the Fairdata service and the information archive, are utilised in the publication and long-term storage of materials.

Principles of an open operating culture

According to the University of Vaasa's strategy, "we work actively in international and national top research and education networks and partnerships". In addition to digital interaction and personal contacts, the ongoing campus renewal brings together academics, organisations and other partners. All this promotes the openness of our research infrastructure and thus to the realisation of open science.

The University of Vaasa takes the perspectives of open science into account when building the career paths of researchers and when assessing researcher merits.

In addition to the areas of open science and research, the University of Vaasa supports and develops the openness and accessibility of learning and learning materials.

The University of Vaasa and science library Tritonia offer training and support related to open science.

  • Further information about open science:

Open publications archive Osuva

Osuva is the open publications archive of University of Vaasa. Osuva includes publications, theses and parallel publications of scholarly articles at University of Vaasa. Osuva includes references, abstracts and full text of the publications.