Programme-specific criteria

In addition to the general admission criteria, all the Master's programmes have their own admission criteria. The admission criteria contains information about the selection process and evaluation of applications. They also state, for example, the number of students selected to the programme annually.

Intakes of the programmes in 2021 are as follows:

Master's Degree Programme in Finance 20
Master's Degree Programme in International Business 35
Master's Programme in Strategic Business Development 20
Master's Programme in Industrial Management 30
Master's Programme in Smart Energy 20
Master's Programme in Industrial Systems Analytics 20

Please click on the name of the programme to see its admission criteria and detailed application instructions. Please note that the admission criteria are not the same in all of the programmes. Therefore, if you apply for admission to more than one Master's programme, please check the criteria and instructions for all the programmes you are interested in.

Please remember also to read through general admission criteria for more information about the application process and information on how to submit the application form and the required documents to the university.