Maria Eronen-Valli

Postdoctoral Researcher

School of Marketing and Communication, Communication Studies
+358 29 449 8624

PhD researcher (in a project funded by the Research Council of Finland "Shifting Investment Cultures in Digital Spaces")

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Research interests: digital rhetoric (particularly marketing in digital spaces), visual rhetoric, cooperation of influencers and organizations, genres in communication, net scams, media literacy, ethics and moral aspects in communication


Recent conference presentations in English:

Eronen-Valli, Maria (2024). Just investing? The ideograph of 'investment' in feminine influencers' rhetoric in a context of crowdfunding. Denver, USA, Rhetoric Society of America Conference (Just Rhetoric), 5/25/24.

Eronen-Valli, Maria & Salojärvi, Virpi (2024). Victims or survivors? Visual rhetoric in crowdfunding campaigns in times of crisis. Helsinki Photomedia, 4/12/2024.

Eronen-Valli, Maria (2023). The role of visual rhetoric in crowdfunding discourse in times of crises. Presentation in ADDA (Approaches to Digital Discourse Analysis) in Klagenfurt, Austria. 10/13/2023.

Eronen-Valli, Maria (2023). Fundraising as emotional and political action: Rhetoric in crowdfunding campaigns of Ukrainian companies during the wartime. Presentation in Nordmedia in Bergen, Norway. 8/9/2023.


The most relevant English-language publications:

Eronen, Maria (2014). It's so wrong yet so funny': celebrity violence, values and the Janus-faced cultural public sphere online. Celebrity Studies 5: 1-2, 153-174.

Eronen, Maria (2013). Moral argumentation as a rhetorical practice in popular online discourse: Examples from online comment sections of celebrity gossip. Discourse & Communication 8: 3, 278-298.


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